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Processing of personal data for the purpose of processing cookies

For the processing of personal data for the purpose of processing cookies, the general information on the processing of personal data above applies, as well as:
1. Purpose of personal data processing: service provision, personalization of ads, traffic analysis, adwords, google analytics, Facebook ads.

Cookies are small amounts of data that servers send to the browser. He executes them on the user\'s computer. The browser then sends this data back to the server with each subsequent visit to the site.

2. Legal basis for processing personal data: Article 6, paragraph 1 letter a) GDPR - the person concerned has expressed his consent to the processing of his personal data for one or more specific purposes

3. Duration of data storage - Cookies used on our pages can be divided into two basic types in terms of their durability. Short-term so-called "session cookies, which are only temporary and necessary stored in the search only until you close the browser, and long-term so-called "Used stored devices" require a longer period or until you manually delete them, while the duration of the cookie file depends on the device depends on the cookie settings and your browser settings.

4. Provision of personal data is the goal.

Conditions and processing of personal data of affected persons

process the personal data of the affected persons in their information systems by automated and non-automated means of processing. does not disclose processed personal data, except in cases where this is required by a special regulation or a decision of a court or other state authority. will not process your personal data without your express consent or other lawful legal basis for another purpose, even to a greater extent than is stated in this information and the record lists of individual information systems of the operator.

Automated individual decision-making, including Cookie profiling

To monitor your website, you use an analytical tool that prepares a data chain and tracks how you use the pages on the Internet. When someone has viewed the site, the system generates cookies to find out information related to the visit (visited pages, time spent on our pages, data, leaving the pages, etc.), but this data may not be linked to the person of the visitor. This tool is a tool to improve the ergonomic design of websites, to create a user-friendly website and to enhance the online experience of visitors. Most internet browsers accept cookies, but I have the option to delete them or reject them automatically. Because every browser is different, you can set your preferences regarding cookies individually using the browser\'s toolbar. If you decide not to accept cookies, you will not be able to use some functions on our electronics.

Type of cookies and utilization
Absolutely necessary/essential:

for the most important functions necessary/basic of the website, enabling the proper functioning of the website

remembers the username, which will provide you with a quick login the next time you visit the site

  • these cookies do not collect any information about you that could be used for marketing purposes
  • validity of cookies: 1 year


  • are used to improve the service for the user, customize the user interface

  •  information about preferences is recorded according to the choice of content

  • cookies can remember items you put in the e-shop shopping cart or errors you encountered
  • validity of cookies: after leaving the website

Performance cookies and cookies for targeting - analytical cookies:

third-party analytical tools (google analytics) are used to quality improvement - content analytical cookies for site visitors

  • statistical data is collected, such as the number of visits to the web view of the page and links on our page, the page and the number of visits
  • help to understand how site visitors behave
  • the performance of the website is improved with the help of cookies
  • these cookies do not collect any information to determine your identity - they are anonymous
  • validity of cookies: deleted automatically after 2 years from the last visit to the website

Sharing on - using social networks

  • the use of third-party social media that allow content to be shared on social media from our sites using the "like" and "share" buttons
  • cookies are required for easier use of their services

  • they record data about your activity on the Internet and on the websites you use
  • validity of cookies: deleted automatically after 2 years from the last visit to the website

Quality display:

  • built-in cookies that improve performance for faster content loading and help compatibility
  • validity of cookies: deleted after closing the browser

Site owner

  • according to the given page setting

  • they can be "read" only by the given website (number of visitors on the page, where they come from and which parts of the page they visited)
  • validity of cookies: 1 year

The operator uses the Google AdWords advertising program, through which it has the opportunity to create online advertisements and address people just when they are interested in the products and services provided by the operator. The Remarketing or Similaraudiences features in AdWords allow us to reach people who have visited your website in the past. Allows ads to be displayed in search, on YouTube, and in emails. Dynamic remarketing allows users to see ads for products or services they have viewed in the past. Cookies, ensuring remarketing codes, can be disabled by website visitors by appropriate browser settings.

The operator can also be contacted via Facebook. The purpose of data management is to share the content of the operator\'s website and the operator\'s presentation. Through the Facebook page, guests can find out about news, current special offers from the operator and also view photos from selected orders of the operator. By clicking "like" on the operator\'s Facebook page, subjects agree that the operator will post its news and offers on their Facebook wall. The operator also publishes photos/videos from various events on its Facebook page.

The operator publishes these data of natural persons only if their written consent has been previously obtained. For more information on the management of data from the Facebook page, see the guide and rules for the protection of personal data at For the purpose of presentation, the operator also has his profile on the Instagram social network, where he presents photos from selected orders along with a description. By clicking "follow" you agree to display photos published by the operator.

These conditions apply from 01.08.2022

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